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romney? >> yeah, exactly. it is a smear movement, basically. i think conservatives have had this wrong for a long time. what they have said, we can ignore these guys because they don't have any ratings, nobody's listening. the truth is that they have really been able to get their message out a lot more than we ever thought and i think election day showed that. so to ignore these people is a major, major mistake. forget their ratings. pay attention to what they are saying because oftentimes when you hear on the shows ends up on the smear left web site, et cetera. there is no reason to just disregard this and say, they don't have enough people listening. >> sean: let's go back. this was a comment that was made before election day. again, fast eddie here. i will let him speak. shall we? >> now mitt romney has created some problems for himself when it comes to immigration, when it comes to women's issues that have nothing to do with vaginal management, apparently they are going to equal pay for women. i am getting more burned up, the more i think about it. all right. now this is the locker
said, yeah. if romney wins, i'll get your face tattooed on my putt. >> didn't happen. romney lost the election. he says he does not regret the tattoo and has no plan to remove it. >>> and that's the news edge. see you back here tomorrow.   
all wear. indeed, so well said. yeah and then there is -- isn't there an odd chance that romney could have won and then biden would have con? is there some election thing where they each could win? >> jon: there would have been in the 1800s, i think. >> okay, that's what i'm referring to. >> jon: i think they're paired up now. it's official that it was obama/biden. it wouldn't have been -- people couldn't have voted for biden and get electoral votes there. that's when they used to throw it to the house and then they would kind of go back and forth and all that. >> well -- >> jon: the other thing, too -- i don't remember that (bleep) from school. >> well, that's disappointing because that would have been fun. >> jon: it would have been a lot of fun. but who is more -- i would think bide is a more -- biden is a more fun play as a character. >> yeah, i mean i think we eventually found something with romney, our writers, seth meyers wrote the one from this last saturday. >> jon: that was a damn good one. >> i enjoyed it because we got to show the humanity of these people. one of my favori
--first of all, it seems that they're feigning yeah, yeah, we're going to compromise, but either it's mitt romney plan for some other tangent for the rich. and they've suggested going over the clip. i'm reading this piece from reuters saying that that could butt levels to where they were in the 90s and they might agree to to a tax deal. there is obviously feeling on both sides. corporate america, but what do you--i know patty murray, dick turban and others have put that out there. do you think we're going to get to that. >> i prefer we don't go over that cliff. that we resolve the middle class tax cut that gives a good bit of the work done, and take the scalpel rather than the axe to the domestic side where nation building begins at home, and we need to do these programs that respond to need. i'm in the northeast i'm looking for the need to respond to hurricane sandy and we have to resolve these issues. there is the squeeze on to fema and agencies that would prevent or reduce that human misery out there. >> stephanie: congressman, you know, it's interesting i think while i understand politically
romney will be fascinating, isn't it? >> yeah, it will be. he sounded very statesman like when he gave his concession speech. then to come out and essentially dig up the 47% video and attach these racialized identities to these people. i thought it was very offensive. it was inappropriate. certainly not helpful to his party. he sounds like a man who doesn't really have a future in politics. also sounds like a map who doesn't understand americans. doesn't understand you can't win iowa and new hampshire. >> that's what is odd about it. it doesn't explain losing iowa and new hampshire. how sober is this rga meeting? you've been hanging out there. how sober is it out there? >> well, i think it's very sober. this is just remarkable to see. suddenly they discovered demography does have something to do with winning elections. as if realizing this latino population, oh suddenly, look, we better start saying things we haven't said. >> i think they thought hispanics only lived in california and not to worry about it. stick around. we're going to talk a little 2016. trivia time. what is the large
romney har breakfast yesterday. sour grapes. yeah, it was caught on tape. >> s.e. cupp, really, mitt? haven't you learned by now if there's any chance you're being recorded, please stop talking. >> i'm toure. i say, mitt, keep on talking. i'm a guy who perfectly predicted the election. 50 for 50. nothing but net, baby. >> all that plus sister similar money campbell is bus. you has a bus, but we have "the cycle"le. >>> congressional hearings kicked off today into the deadly september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. lawmakers are looking to uncover exactly what it is that happened that night, how it got to that point, and how the administration acted in the aftermath. >> you have the audacity come here and say why wasn't the protection of these people provided for? the answer
or something? in fact, since we're talking about gifts today, not in the romney context, but yeah, it's right here. it's a whole book. i've never actually held up a book on tv before. >> you just did that. >> it's 50 great essays. david remnick wrote about howard cosell, art chamski of the mets. there's some really great writers who have written some really great essays. they're a few pages long. they're not a heavy lift. and it really just puts together an anthology of characters who have really contributed to the sports world who happen to be jewish. >> it's a wonderful hanukkah gift. >> bobby fischer's in there, mark spitz, there are a lot more than you'd think. >> we talk about jewish athletes, and it's not a joke. growing up as a young jew in oakland, california. they had the games. we bring them around, they call them the games when you go to israel, but they brought us in from around the planet. and we play. >> when did you do that? >> it was a disaster. i played in maryland, baltimore county, tennis and basketball. we got crushed by some long island jews. >> they're tough. >> pretty t
the romney years and looking ahead to '16 and understanding the reason they lost last tuesday? >> well, yeah. i mean, mike's right, it does sound like sour grapes, which is not a good color on anyone including mitt romney, and blaming the voters which is essentially what he's doing, indicting the voters. that's not a good idea. we can't, as republicans and conservatives, say you didn't vote for us, and it's your fault. no, we didn't make the case. we didn't adequately make our case. and we tried in the last six months of the campaign, and we should have been trying for four years. and i wrote about this yesterday in "the daily news." conservatives don't need to rebrand. they don't need to -- >> yes, they do. >> -- they don't need to soul search. conservatives need to spend more time talking about why their policies work for everyone. >> they do need to rebrand. >> you can't keep indicting the electorate and blaming obama and blaming defense on the things obama has done. >> how can you say they don't need to rebrand? you couldn't be more brand. brands have attributes. what they stand for. dem
accepting the decision of the electorate. is that not the case now? >> yeah, obviously this has been a tough time for mitt romney. >> putting it mildly. >> i wouldn't have imagined two or three years ago mitt romney, who was then, you know, sort of rolling his eyes at sort of the fox news of the republican party saying something out of out of this maker/taker handbook. i think he came out of the election sort of having been churned through this conservative media prism, and that's really where his allies are right now. you haven't heard that many recriminations from conservatives since this election has happened. i think he's trying to identify with this crowd and give them what they want to hear. >> why would he continue doing that, krystal? >> it's almost like he was a really bad candidate, totally out of touch with the people. i think you have had this remarkable theme throughout his campaign where he was just taking the drudge or fox news or rush limbaugh talking points and regurgitating them, whether they were true or not, and apparently that has continued after the campaign as he tries
frustrated that mitt romney didn't talk about this enough. i talked to republicans who admit that they were trying to make it an issue now. >> yeah, he really pushed back on john mccain and lind say graham and called it outragious he said if you have a problem take it up with me. i think he was very testy today. and what he was doing was saying okay you want to make this an issue buddy, dare me to nominate her. it sounded to me, reading between the lines. it is something that he is interested in doing. this is a political fight that is not going to go away. i think one thing that struck me is that the president talked about going after her because she is quote an easy target. what does that mean? is it because she is a woman and is the only one out there using the information that she had? it is interesting to me. i'm not quite sure what the president is talking about. >> there is still so many thing that is we don't know. is it surprising that they are going after secretary of state rice and not clinton? >> no, i don't. right now, they favor john kerry as the next secretary of state. they
. what do you think is going on here? that's what i think. >> yeah. i think you're right basically. republicans seem to be really bad losers. mitt romney is apparently a bad loser. john mccain as you said earlier, i don't think he's ever gotten over 2008. so he's looking for any opportunity he has to stick a thumb in barack obama's eye. but jonathan is completely right. he picked the wrong person here. susan rice had nothing to do with benghazi. but, look, the republicans are facing an electoral wipeout in the last election. they still want to oppose barack obama any way they can, but what's their excuse? because the american people have now chosen barack obama over the republican guy. so what do they do? they have to gin up a conspiracy, a scandal of some sort, something they can attach the word gate to. now it's benghazi-gate. >> ron, you got it. this is the big alternative universal view of their world view in which you don't know what color the sky is over there. but they believe that this is as big as watergate and although nixon got re-elected in '72, he will come down by '74
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. >> yeah, i think that was well said. i think a lot of white people are turned off by this old style stuff. joanie, my question to you, my dear friend, how do you explain romney, who left the stage with such grace on election night, i'll tribute to that forever the way he did it, now going back over this again saying they bought the minority vote. this is the kind of thing he was saying during the campaign, remember. he was saying, they get rid of work requirement for welfare because he had to pay off his base. the feeding of the base. it's a theme he's still pushing. >> why does he say it, chris? because he really believes it. they really believe this is what it's all about and we've all been paid off. as cynthia says, i'm still waiting for my gifts, too. the thing that irks me to hear the two people from wisconsin speak so dismisses ively about their own population and own state -- i mean, paul ryan lost his own district, his city, his hometown, which is not a particularly urban place. but i cast -- >> 200,000 vote thieves. 200,000. >> and i cast my first vote for jimmy carter in suburba
aggressively to turn them out to vote. >> now, louisiana's republican governor, bobby jindal, says romney has it all wrong and he is not speaking for the entire republican party. he says that the gop plans to rebound from its election loss, it has to stop dividing the american voters. soledad? >> yeah, that's making some waves this morning. that full transcript of what he said, i mean, people can check out. i think it's in "the new york times," the "l.a. times" as well. a fascinating read. >> i thought it was remarkable, and actually quite surprised to read it, for a few reasons. >> or you can say, sounds like the 47% once again. we'll talk more about that. no surprise. let's get right to our next guest, chris van hollen. nice talking to you. >> good morning, soledad. >> let's talk about the escalation in out and out fighting now between israel and the palestinian militants. there are now 100 terror sites, apparently, according to israel, that they are attacking, in response to rocket attacks that have come from the palestinians. what is your take on what's happening here right now and how li
regularly delivered during the long campaign. >> yeah, that's right. i think people were kind of too emotionally exhausted to really focus on what he was saying in that speech. >> john: exhausted thanks to romney making us wait all night. >> it sounded kind of nice and pleasant and he had the line about the red states and the blue states so it sort of put people in that frame of mind. why don't we all get along. what he did was summarize the theme that had dominated the campaign. the harshest thing i think he did was to try to summarize his definition of the american idea in a way that essentially excluded leadership of the republican party. what he said america's about is essentially giving everyone a chance. we're all in it together. you know, having responsibility for each other. basically, not what the republicans believe at all. in a way he put a capstone on what i argue was the whole theme of the campaign. that the whole campaign was about this argument about class mutual responsibility, what are the prerogativ
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)